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“DocTalk” with host Dr. Dan Thomson will be teaming up with practitioners around the country to tackle issues with your livestock. Critical issues related to livestock welfare and management, including current animal ag research information, food safety, and companion animal health issues.

The series also features nationally and internationally renowned guest veterinarians who offer practical applications to improve the health and well-being of all kinds of animals.

Doc Talk, a nationally aired beef cattle health veterinary show on television. Has hosted over 500 episodes of the show in its ninth season that reaches over 45 million homes worldwide.

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Dr Dan Thomson
Founder & Host of Doc Talk
Heather Newell
Keli Huddleston
Payton Baker
Business Development Lead
Cindy Thomson
Lexi Studebaker
Content Generator

Dr. Dan Thomson

Dr. Dan Thomson is a third-generation bovine veterinarian from Clearfield, IA. Dr. Thomson received his BS in Animal Science and DVM from Iowa State University. Dr. Thomson completed a MS in Ruminant Nutrition from South Dakota State University and a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition from Texas Tech University. Thomson is the founder and host of Doc Talk, a nationally aired beef cattle health veterinary show on television. He has hosted over 500 episodes of the show in its ninth season that reaches over 45 million homes worldwide.

Heather Newell

Heather Newell is the Farming Unlimited partner who leads the team with her organizational skills. Heather learned to multitask early on as a media buyer for a large Topeka advertising firm. She then moved to the local NBC affiliate and became an award-winning sales representative and Outstanding Employee of the Year. Her leadership skills were further developed through her community involvement with the Topeka Advertising Federation and Project Topeka. In 2007 she partnered with Karla Jennings to form Trinity Marketing Group, a full-service Topeka advertising agency. She manages the day to day operation of Farming Unlimited and is the lead on several of the production clients of Farming Unlimited, Inc.

Keli Huddleston

Keli Huddleston lives outside of Rossville, KS. She is the Farming Unlimited partner who brings to the table a creative force second to none. She not only developed logos for DocTalk, AG am in Kansas, Around Kansas and That’s My Farm, but she also shoots and produces every DocTalk show and created DocTalk’s On the Road set. She honed her creative expertise through her years at NE Kansas’ CBS, NBC, FOX. Keli owned her own freelance production company before becoming a partner in Trinity Marketing Group and Farming Unlimited. She continues her creative work in the agency as well as Farming Unlimited. Keli loves to trail ride and is always looking for more land to explore. Keli is currently taking the knowledge earned from years at Farming and putting it into a cow-calf operation. You can find her out and about with her infamous cockatoo Oscar and daughter Elizabeth.

Payton baker

Payton Baker is the business development lead for Farming Unlimited. Payton grew up hunting and fishing while also being very active in 4-H and showing cattle with family friends. She now volunteers as beef superintendent and livestock judging coach for Riley County 4-H. Payton loves getting to create connections with new people and cannot wait to help grow your business.

Cindy Thomson

Cindy Thomson is Farming Unlimited, Inc. head videographer for DocTalk. With an extensive background in agriculture and education, Cindy is the perfect fit to travel the country with Dr. Dan and bring quality programing to Farming Unlimited.

Lexi Studebaker

Lexi Studebaker works part-time as a content generator for Farming Unlimited, Inc. She attends Kansas State University and is pursuing a degree in Agricultural Communications and Journalism.

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